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I am Yogesh, a Research Software Engineer @ TRG Research and Development Cyprus, and we build solutions for Crime and Terror. We got an amazing team working on building solutions for the next generation Google of Terror and Crime, let me know if you find yourself suitable for any of these open positions.

My primary research includes IoT Security and Hardware Hacking. I also build and maintain reNgine, an automated reconnaissance framework.

When I am not working on “Security” or writing codes, I am probably reading about Space and Life on Mars! Or maybe I am building robots for fun.

I also talk/train about IoT Security, Hardware Hacking, and Car Hacking and have spoken at several security conferences like BlackHat, HITB, GreHack, NoConName, KazHackStan, Open Source Summit, etc.

Besides computers, I enjoy riding Motorcycle and love to take pictures. I also own a super cute dog, Jasper, who always sits next to me while I am on computers 😀 Feel free to say him Hi!